Everyday Technology Use Questionnaire (ETUQ) – Online course

Information about ETUQ

Everyday Technology Use Questionnaire (ETUQ) is a questionnaire used in a structured interview that focuses on everyday technical objects and services such as remote control, mobile phones and ticket machines.
ETUQ captures what everyday technologies that is relevant for the person, which everyday technology the person uses or does not use and if there are difficulties in using the technology. For more information, klick hear.

Learning objectives

The overall objective is that you after finishing this course will know how to use the ETUQ in a correct way. More specifically, you will understand what type of instrument ETUQ is, and know when it is suitable to use, know of the underlying theoretical assumptions of ETUQ, understand the concepts that ETUQ is based on and be able to administer ETUQ correctly.

Information about the course

This online-course consists of four chapters and is designed for new users of the ETUQ as well as for those who wish to refresh their knowledge. The course consists of movies, text and quiz questions. It should take approximately 8 hours to work through all the chapters, but you can do it whenever and were ever you what. This course is open for three months from the start date, which means that you can watch the movies over again.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    This chapter introduces what the authors mean by everyday technology, and to its role and significance in the everyday lives of older adults today. You are also introduced to what kind of questionnaire ETUQ is, and what it captures. The development of ETUQ, its theoretical basis, and contribution to research and clinical practice are also covered.
  • Chapter 2: Administration
    This chapter provides an orientation about the context that ETUQ is administered in. It covers which target groups and respondents ETUQ is developed for, practical preparation before the interview, as well as things to think about in the interview situation, and when the ETUQ interview ends.
  • Chapter 3: The ETUQ form
    In this chapter the ETUQ form is presented, you learn how the concept of "relevance" in defined in ETUQ, and how this guides what response alternative to use. Practicing tools are provided, to help you grasp the reasoning when scoring.
  • Chapter 4: Scoring
    This chapter provides opportunities to practice scoring in ETUQ based on filmed examples. These films are designed as self-testa, and when you pass these, you are done with the course.

After having taken part of the material in the chapters and passed all the self-tests, you will also gain access to a pdf with the ETUQ manual and the ETUQ-form. You will by then be well prepared to start using ETUQ with clients!
In order to get a course certificate, you need to complete three ETUQ interviews and send in the ETUQ-form.

The course leader

Louise Nygård, professor of Occupational Therapy, PhD, at the Division of Occupational Therapy at Karolinska Institutet, (KI) in Stockholm, Sweden.
Lena Rosenberg, lecturer and researcher, PhD, at the Division of Occupational Therapy at, KI.

Next Course

November 28, 2019 to February 28, 2020

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