ETUQ - Everyday Technology Use Questionnaire - Online

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Information about the course

Everyday Technology Use Questionnaire (ETUQ) is a questionnaire used in a structured interview where the interviewer answers the answers by marking an answer option for each question based on the respondent's response. The interview focuses on everyday technical objects and services such as remote control, mobile phones and ticket machines.

ETUQ captures what everyday technologies that is relevant for the person, which everyday technology the person uses or does not use and if there are difficulties in using the technology. For more information, klick hear.

This course is open for three weeks from the start date. Its content is divided into five modules, as shown below. You will automatically have access to the first module after having completed and submitted the Agreement form found below to the left. Each of the five modules ends with a self-test. Only when each of these tests is passed successfully - which requires 100% correct answers - access is granted to the next module.

After having taken part of the material in the modules and passed all the self-tests, you will also gain access to a pdf with the ETUQ form, i.e. the questionnaire itself. You will by then be well prepared to start using ETUQ with clients!

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